We create luxury sofas handmade to your specifications and preferences.

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We make to order, every piece is original


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Are you interested in a two-seater, three-seater, armchair or corner variant?


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We can visit you with swatches so you can choose from a wide selection of leathers and fabrics.



The standard production time for a Chesterfield sofa is 4-6 weeks.



We will deliver the sofa using our own van. That way it can stay protected and secured during transportation.
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All Chesterfield sofas come with a 15-year warranty on the frame.

We believe that furniture of high quality is a long-term investment. That's why we not only focus on producing quality sofas, but also on offering excellent customer service. If there's any damage or wear and tear during time, we can refurbish the sofa and restore it to its original charm.

Our handmade Chesterfield sofas are not only stunning additions to your interior, but also offer comfortable and long-lasting furniture that can be passed down through generations.

Quality furniture that lasts for generations

Beauty, durability and comfort

Our Chesterfield sofas aren't the cheapest, but they're certainly the best quality. Each sofa is handmade with meticulous attention to detail in the Czech Republic, resulting in a stunning and timeless piece of furniture that is not only beautiful but also incredibly durable and comfortable.

Our handmade production process allows us to provide customers with the option to customize their sofa according to their preferences, resulting in a unique and original piece of furniture that perfectly fits their interior.

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A perfect product is made of perfect components.

Top quality materials

You can choose from more than 10,000 upholstery material options and finishes, including special finishes for easy cleaning or for pet owners.

We offer a wide range of leathers, mainly from our two main suppliers - European bred leathers from the Danish company Sorensen and leathers from Mr. Pavlat, who represents the Italian company New Pel, these are mainly purchased in South America, Australia, New Zealand. For fabrics, we cooperate with 14 suppliers from the Czech Republic, Germany and the UK, such as Romo, Compo fabrics and Hoepke Textiles.

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From England to around the world

Rich history of Chesterfield

The origins of Chesterfield are traced back to the second half of the 18th century, to a British statesman and writer named Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield. He had similar furniture made for his own use and found a liking for it.

As the Earl lay on his deathbed, he is said to have instructed a servant to offer a chair to Mr Dayrolles, who had come to bid the dying man farewell. The servant, however, interpreted the instruction in his own way and Dayrolles took the chair home.

Through him, chairs and sofas of a similar style quickly began to spread to other members of the upper classes under the name of Chesterfield.

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Handmade Czech quality

Perfect craftmanship

All sofas are manufactured by our team of experienced craftsmen in the Czech Republic, in Hrušová near Vysoké Mýto.

Handmade upholstered furniture has been a tradition in our company since 1994 and over the years we have produced dozens of custom-made Chesterfield sofas. We have only had one "return" in all that time. Due to a manufacturing defect on one of the knobs.

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Since 1994 we have been supplying the best quality furniture made in the Czech Republic

B2B Projects

Our products have a unique style and quality that appeals to customers from a variety of backgrounds. We offer complete cooperation from design, through production to delivery and installation of upholstered furniture for all types of spaces.


Among our customers are:
We will breathe a new life into your furniture

Renovation and upholstery

We offer expert and quality overall refurbishment and refinishing of upholstered furniture including chairs, sofas, benches and armchairs.

Our experienced upholsterers are able to replace any torn or worn upholstery to make furniture look like new again. We can offer new fabric designs and patterns to change the overall look of your furniture to your liking.

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Store and showroom

Would you like to see design furniture, whether from our workshop or from various historical periods, or discuss your requirements for custom production in person? Stop by a store branch of our sister company HasModern.

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About the company

All our upholstered furniture is produced by a team of experienced craftsmen in the Czech Republic, our factory is in Hrušová near Vysoké Mýto. Handmade production has a tradition in our company since 1994 under the name SofaDesign. Since November 2021 we have been operating under a new owner as HasSofa.

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